July, 2016

Make Customer Service Your Marketing Plan

The proliferation of social media platforms has completely changed the traditional model of customer service. It’s no longer enough to have a toll-free customer help line staffed by a team of representatives, because very few of your customers are going…

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Interview: Francoise Danoy

Today we’re featuring an interview with knitwear designer and entrepreneur Francoise Danoy from Aroha Knits. Francoise has grown her Instagram following from 200 to over 14K followers in just two years. Today, Francoise shares some of her most successful tactics,…

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Photography Trends on Ravelry

  For this month’s Ravelry update, we thought we would take a look at how project photography correlates with pattern popularity. More specifically, does how a project is portrayed affect its popularity? Is there a standard or convention for different…

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