December, 2016

Crafting Trends for 2017 Part 2: Fiber, Paper and Yarn

Our last post examined the trends we’re seeing in needle-arts crafting, both decorative and practical, as we move into 2017. In this post, we look at trends in the fiber crafts, including paper crafts. Yarn and Fiber Crafts The extreme…

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Crafting Trends for 2017 Part 1: Needles, Thread and Fabric

Between fall fiber festivals, holiday craft shows and the end-of-year deluge of catalogues, we have put together some observations crafting trends we can expect to see continue into 2017. We’re also watching our social media feeds and seeing what our…

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2017 Marketing Trends for Craft Companies

As we near the close of the year, we like to reflect on the more successful marketing trends we saw in 2016 and we predict what we see trending for 2017. Let’s begin with a few 2016 trends that we…

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5 Tips For An Irresistible Holiday Gift Guide

Why make a holiday gift guide for your blog or website? Well, if Martha Stewart does it, it must be a good thing! Today we share our top 5 tips for creating a great gift guide for your customers. #1…

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