Skeino Crushes Sales with Very Pink Knits Video

Social Media
About This Project
The Goal: Matt Lehmann, marketing director for Skeino contacted Stitchcraft Marketing for help in promoting a new pattern and kit.
The Strategy: Working with our video ambassador, Staci Perry, create a tutorial video of the new pattern and kit and offer a giveaway to generate email names for later promotions.
The Result: Matt sent us this email summary of the results from the campaign:
Leanne, As you already know it was a huge success and here are the numbers to prove it. All of these numbers are for the first 2 weeks (Monday May, 4th to Monday May, 18th)
The 2 peak days were the launch days of the giveaway and tutorial videos. From then attention went down quite rapidly but the sales kept steady for some more days which is great. Also, I think our company is now on the radar of so many more people which is one of those branding-marketing-goals that are so hard to measure – but we can see them.
Product Sales & Company Reputation
  • 125 sales of the product announced from the US and around the world
  • Sales more than doubled
  • Local Yarn Store owners asking to sell our products
Company Website Views
  • 1,500 visits on the Giveaway launch day
  • 1,500 visits on the Tutorial launch day
  • Overall more than 30k page views
Social Media Channels
  • 110 new likes on Facebook
  • 100 new followers on Twitter
  • Over 1,000 views of our company blog
  • 2,500 new newsletter contacts
  • 17,000+ combined video views of the giveaway and the tutorial (Very Pink’s Youtube channel)
Also I want to say that we are all so so happy about the way our entire collaboration went. Staci is wonderful to work with and so are you!
Let’s go for the next one! Matt