Wooden Gate Quilts Logo Redesign

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About This Project

About This Project

Goal: Develop a new logo for Wooden Gate Quilts to support rebranding of the business.

The Strategy: Wooden Gate Quilts is a quilting store located in Danville, CA. They wanted to update their logo to one that would better convey their mission to build a community of inspired quilters. The new design needed to have energy, while still being simple and sophisticated. They also wanted to incorporate their tagline “Community Inspires Creativity,” which they had been using in the store and in all their communications, into the logo. Finally, they wanted a “pull out element” of the logo that could be used as a thumbnail image when needed.

The Result: Through our strategic branding process, we helped our client determine the right look and feel for the design and then we coordinated all aspects of a crowdsourced campaign. The winning designer did a fantastic job of including the key elements the client was looking for. Quilting is incorporated into the logo through the image of the quilt and the needle, with the dashes bordering the logo look like stitches in motion. The central quilt graphic is a perfect “pull out element” as the client wanted and the tagline is included seamlessly into the logo design. The design incorporates the brand colors, which are woven throughout the website and other social media platforms.