Business of Craft Episode 33 Chris Wright

Business of Craft Episode 33 Chris Wright discusses Digital Advertising


My guest today is Chris Wright of Prime Publishing. Chris has worked in publishing since 1988 and has a lot of knowledge about digital advertising. I wanted to get his take on the current landscape and pull out some best practices for our listeners.

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#1 Let’s start with a little background on Prime Publishing, a company focused on digital media using a combination of site, e-newsletter, solo email, and social media. [2:08]

#2 I worked at Interweave Press for many years selling ads so I get a lot of questions about how digital media has really replaced print advertising. Are you seeing that trend as well with Prime? [4:26]

#3 Can you give us an example of testing ads, what that might look like and why it should be done in the digital space? [6:08]

#4 Your example describes doing a split test right down the middle of the list. Do you ever take a small section to test with before you use the entire list? [8:19]

#5 Tracking is always tricky with print and I think that folks flocked to digital because they could better track the ROI. Can you share with us more about how ads are tracked? [10:29]

#6 Along with the metric or statistics from a digital campaign program with Prime, do you provide any benchmarks to measure the success of a campaign? [15:38] 

#7 I know at Prime, you’ve got a huge social footprint with nearly 4.6 million fans and followers. How many different crafting sectors does that cover? [17:34]

#8 What would you say is the best-kept secret with regard to getting the biggest bang for your buck out of digital ads that you can share with our listeners? [19:40]

#9 Do you think, with Amazone Prime and how the landscape is changing, that an offer of free shipping is table stakes now? [22:47]

#10 Other than sales, how else have you been involved in the Craft / DIY industry? [25:17] 

#11 Do you think trade shows and conventions will remain relevant going forward? [26:57]

#12 I noticed that Prime is branching out to include content on recipes and other DIY topics. I’m a big fan of “lifestyle content” and I wonder if you could tell us more about that strategy? [28:34]

#13 How much of a total marketing budget would recommend a small biz owner dedicate to digital? [32:44]

#14 Can you clarify what a desktop notification is? [34:09]

#15 Is that available on mobile devices? [35:06]

#16 We have clients reporting great success with newsletters but if you had to pick one digital tool to get started with for digital media, what would you recommend? [35:59]

#17 How is a solo e-mail different from an e-newsletter? [36:49]

#18 What’s the worst mistake an advertiser can make with a digital program?[38:46]

#19 Are you optimistic about print mags in the craft space or do you think their days are numbered? [41:44]

#20 Being a publisher, if you had a billboard and could publish a short sentence, what would it be and why? [44:05]

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