Business of Craft Episode 27 Heidi Kaisand

Business of Craft Episode 27 Heidi Kaisand


Leanne’s guest is Heidi Kaisand, the publisher at American Quilt Retailer magazine. She also owns a retail shop called Hens and Chicks Studio in Conrad, Iowa and she brings a unique perspective to the topic of retail in the quilting and fabric space.

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#1 Since you’re on the front lines so to speak, you probably see and hear a lot about those changes in retail?[2:30]

#2 Let’s get our listeners up to speed on American Quilt Retailer Magazine. When did you start it and is it only for quilt retailers? [6:40]

#3 Do you have a digital component in addition to the print magazine? [9:54]

#4 What would you say is the biggest challenge facing quilt retailers right now? [12:35]

#5 Do you have advice or tips for creating a customer avatar to better understand and identify your customer? [17:43] 

#6 I noticed on Hens and Chicks you offer “Come Make With Me” retreats which I think is a great way to bring people together. Can you speak to how a retreat experience helps your business? [23:20]

#7 One of the things I’ve seen lately is some of the smaller shops offering multiple crafts like fabric and yarn or fabric and scrapbooking supplies. Do you think that helps or hurts a retailer? [31:28]

#8 Do you have issues with not having the depth of product? [ 34:09]

#9 I get a lot of questions about whether shops should go online. What would you say to those folks? [35:31]

#10 I bet you’re plugged into a lot of resources for quilt retailers. Are there apps or professional organizations or other suggestions you might have for anyone looking to start or improve their retail shop? [39:44]

#11What is one thing you’d do the old fashioned way (besides quilting)… or would like to learn how to do? [43:37]