Business of Craft Episode 24 Lindsey Rae

Business of Craft Episode 24 Lindsey Rae


In this episode, we talk with Lindsey Rae, creator of Sew to Grow, a pattern company designed to help students gain and then build upon new sewing skills. Lindsey shares how she has crafted a marketing strategy to appeal to different types of customers.

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#1 Let’s start with just a little background about how you got started in the world of garment making. [2:40]

#2 What were some of the things you had to teach yourself? [6:45]

#3 Did you go through exercises to identify and describe your target customer? [10:28]

#4  Can you tell us about your different avatars? How many different consumers are you trying to target? [13:51]

#5 Would you say it’s challenging for you to master the different messages on the same social channel? How do you engage both of those avatars? Do you name those avatars? [16:18]

#6 You also have a program called Fit to Flatter. Tell us what that is? [21:26]

#7 How long is a workshop and what do your students get from a workshop?[23:02]

#8 What skill level is the workshop best for? [24:16]

#9 You’ve got some US dates planned for the Fit to Flatter workshops, tell us more about that? [24:42]

#10 And when does registration for those workshops open? [25:27]

#11 Is there any distinction you make in working with particular shops? [26:25]

#12 Do you distinguish between social media channels? Was it a conscientious choice to focus your messaging? [29:24]

#13 I have such a hard time convincing clients that video is where they need to be. I’m not sure if the hurdle is stage fright or the equipment or what… how did you KNOW that was going to be an essential part of your marketing strategy? [31:19]

#14 How did you decide what your YouTube content would include? [33:15]

#15 Since we’re right around that time of the year for goals and resolutions. Do you write down your biz goals for Sew to Grow? [37:03]

#16 Do you already have your word for 2018? [39:10]
Update: Lindsey’s word for the year is Challenge! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. 

#17 What’s next on the horizon for you? What other ideas are you dreaming up? [39:46]

#18 Let’s say you’re in the outback hiking around… what’s the ONE animal you do NOT want to encounter? [41:29]