Business of Craft Episode 39 Lori Highby on GDPR and SSL


My guest today is Lori Highby is the principal and CEO of Keystone Click, a digital agency based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She’s a whippersnapper with a BA in business administration, an MBA, and a podcast, Social Capital, where she talks about networking. Today, we’re going to chat with Lori about recent changes with Google favoring SSL certification and encryption and we’ll also give listeners some action items for the new GDPR laws.

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#1 Tell us more about Keystone Click and what kinds of services you specialize in with your agency? [2:25]

#2 How much of the work you do is dedicated to web development and hosting? [3:07]

#3 Can you begin at a very basic level and explain what does SSL mean? [3:53]

#4 What are the changes that Google is recommending that is important for our listeners? [5:50]

#5 Is it true that every website needs SSL even if it’s just serving as an information site or a digital business card? [6:55]

#6 I just read a good quote by Seth Godin who said, “Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust, then worry about the rest” so having an SSL is going to go a long way at earning trust for customers– would you agree with that Lori? [8:31]

#7 How long does it typically take to convert a site from regular HTTP to one that is secured? [10:05]

#8 Does that have anything to do with how old or modern their website is? [10:47]

#9 What would be the first steps for making those changes? Do they have to buy a certificate and how do they do that? [11:45]

#10 What should people expect to pay for a certificate? [13:45]

#11 If people don’t make this change, are you anticipating that Google is going to downgrade search rankings for those sites? [14:21]

#12 Do you think there is a timeline or cutoff, of a certain date to make the switch? [15:54]

#13  The other recent change people are talking about is the GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation law. Can you explain what that law is Lori? [18:20]

#14 Wasn’t this always the way? Why do we need the law? [19:14]

#15 This only impacts websites that are doing business with people in Europe is that correct? [19:55]

#16 A lot of companies are just implementing these changes no matter who they’re doing business with because unless you’re specifically restricting business to the USA, you can’t tell when the next European customer is going to come along. What would your take on that be? [20:46]

#17 Are you recommending that clients have a privacy policy and what needs to be included in that? [21:36]

#18 What about having forms on your site and being compliant? [23:10]

#19 What other advice would you have for people regarding the GDPR?[24:12]

#20 Besides SSL certification and GDPR is there anything else you see on the horizon that needs to be on folks’ radar? [26:27]

#21 I also know you’re a hockey fan which I think can have a lot of parallels to good marketing. Do you have any hockey tips that also serve as good advice in marketing you can share with listeners? [32:50]