Business of Craft Epsiode 8 Lori Highby Facebook practices


On this episode, we will chat with Lori Highby, Principal, and CEO of Keystone Click, about how to utilize custom audiences and how to navigate through Facebook Live.

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Show Notes

#1  There are lots of shifts taking place on Facebook. How do you keep up with these changes? [2:10]

#2 What are the top three practices on Facebook? [3:20]

#3  What are the guidelines for posting on Facebook? (consistency) [6:30]

#4  What is some advice to navigate through analytics and the metrics of Facebook? [7:55]

#5  Considering that sales are the most important thing in a business, what are some statistics you should look at? How do you increase your conversions? [9:38]

#6  Can you explain what a custom audience is? [11:20]  

#7  What are e-name lists and how are they helpful? [14:08]

#8  How much should you spend monthly on Facebook ads? What’s the sweet spot? [17:44]

#9  What does AB testing look like and how can it be set up? How often should they be swapped out? [19:45]

#10  What is the difference between sponsored posts and promoted posts, and which one is better? [24:30]

#11  What’s a good way to choose posts that are promotion worth? [26:20]

#12  How to guide offered on on best practices for a live video. [28:40]

#13  What helps you get motivated to make a live video? What are some tips? [31:00]

#14  What is a good topic or video to do live on Facebook? [32:25]

#15  How can conversions be tracked? What is a Facebook pixel and how does it work? [33:50]

#16  How do you stand out from the crowd on Facebook? How can you bring emotion to your campaign? [36:00]

#17  Why is networking so important?  [39:54]

Rapid Fire

Batman obsession – what would you grab if your house was burning down? [43:02]

Ben Affleck as Batman? Thoughts? [44:20]