Business of Craft Episode 21 Martha Sielman on Art Quilting

Business of Craft Episode 21 Art Quilts with Martha Sielman


In today’s episode,  Leanne talks with Martha Sielman, executive director of Studio Art Quilt Associates. She has a wealth of experience advancing the movement of art quilting, gaining exposure for the medium in museums and generally educating everyone about the wonderful world of art quilts.

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#1 Can you give our listeners a primer on your organization, SAQA? [2:00]

#2 How would you define what an art quilt is? [2:45]

#3 What has been the biggest shift in the art quilt world? [6:35]

#4 What do you see for the future of art quilting? Can you give us a couple of predictions? [9:10]

#5 Other than framing, what other characteristics distinguish art quilts? [10:36]

#6 Are you seeing anyone use the new technologies like virtual reality or augmented reality as part of their work? [13:46]

#7 Tell us about the benefits of joining SAQA as a member? [14:25]

#8 Do the regional groups have opportunities to meet up outside of the annual conferences? [16:25]

#9  For quilters out there who might be interested in taking their craft to the level of art, what advice would you have for them? [19:05]

#10 How does one determine whether they’re a hobby quilter or an art quilter? [23:26]

#11 Do most artists start out as a hobby quilter and then move to art quilts or do most artists start somewhere else? What’s the “gateway craft” you most commonly see? [25:18]

#12 Are you concerned that the basic skills are not being learned that would eventually lead someone into art quilts? [28:35]

#13 I’d love to hear more about your philosophy about how art quilts can facilitate dialog about a particular topic. Can you share with us some examples of exhibits that have been particularly effective in that regard? [31:50]

#14 How do you develop exhibitions? [36:05]

#15 How should curators go about contacting SAQA for an exhibition? [37:14]

#16 Can you tell us about the SAQA mentoring program? [37:50]

#17 How long is the mentorship?[39:00]

#18 I understand that you might be publishing a history of the art quilt movement. Can you tell us about that? [41:25] 

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