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On this episode, we will chat with Jason Baum, Director of Membership for the Association For Creative Industries (AFCI), about community, the evolution of retail, and Jason’s most interesting gig as a voice actor.

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Get to know Jason and AFCI:

  • [1:46] Jason has been with AFCI since 2012 and came into the association as a manager of marketing.
  • [3:20] AFCI is the entire supply chain of the creative arts industry.
  • [3:30] The industry services everyone from design, to manufacture, to retail, to distribution.
  • [4:13] AFCI hosts an annual trade show in January that is the largest show in North America for the creative products industry.
  • [5:02] Members include small businesses, large brands, inventors, and manufacturers. There’s something for everyone.

Reasons for rebranding:

  • [5:43] Lot of thought and work put into rebranding, about a year and a half process.
  • [6:53] Craft and Hobby Association brand was not inclusive enough, AFCI is a better representation of what they do.
  • [7:09] Jason is blown away by the positive feedback from the members of AFCI.

The importance of community:

  • [8:15]“Belonging to an association and belonging to something – a group of like-minded individuals – is so important for your own success.”
  • [8:48] Communities can help to enlighten you to figure out what does or doesn’t work.
  • [8:58] Being exposed to a community and professionals is important for success.
  • [10:25] Don’t think of the other members of an association as competitors, rather as people you can learn something from.
  • [11:03] “The more we can do to help each other, the better as a collective we are.”

Online retailing:

  • [12:07] Association offers classes to help people understand how to run an online business.
  • [13:44] There are many different business opportunities out in the world.

Keys to being a successful brick & mortar store:

  • [14:48] Customers want their experience to be personal, they want to touch items and be able to experience them in real life.
  • [15:23] Think outside of the box, plan some fun and unique events.
  • [15:31] What is that retail-tainment or experience factor that is bringing someone in?


  • [21:26] The industry is so expansive; it is difficult to gauge how many companies are actually in the industry, there is a lot of cross-over (DIY, toy industry, etc).
  • [21:53] AFCI Research is worth $4,000
  • [22:45] Membership in the AFCI is revenue-based. Start up members, or new entrepreneurs, have a reduced membership! (you get access to shows for free)
  • [23:30] Designed to help young businesses get a jump start, bring in and help people.

Benefits of attending trade shows:

  • [24:50 ] AFCI focuses on Learn, connect, and discover – all those things take place at the shows and events.
  • [25:06] Being at a trade show allows an individual to potentially meet their next business partner and have contact with successful businesses.
  • [25:40] Trade shows are not just about the buying experience, but being educated about buying certain products.
  • [26:35] Remember this is a “See, touch, feel” industry.
  • [27:03] Don’t forget the educational benefits. You can get an entire year’s worth of education in five days.

Innovation Center:

  • [28:47] Creativation Innovation is for new products to be pitched.
  • [29:17] Last year’s prize was $10,000 seed money.

Joining AFCI:

  • [31:50] Check out the AFCI website: to begin the process of membership.
  • [32:20] This association is for people with an actual business ready to buy or sell and manufacture products.
  • [32:49] Qualifications to join are listed on the website.

Jason’s career as a voice actor:

  • [34:38] Took voice acting classes that were offered locally.
  • [34:46] Jason went to school for a radio announcer.
  • [35:04] Made commercials for McDonald’s
  • [35:10] It is a competitive market in the New York area with a lot of opportunities.
  • [35:19] Lower Manhattan Walking Tour app features Jason’s voice, he recommends visiting New York sometime!

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Business of Craft Jason Baum