Business of Craft Episode 56 Sara Taylor on Dversity

Business of Craft Ep56 Guest Sara TaylorWELCOME TO EPISODE #56 OF BUSINESS OF CRAFT

My guest, Sara Taylor is the CEO and founder of DeepSEE Consulting, a training and consultancy firm specializing in diversity and inclusion. Sara is a nationally recognized speaker with over 25 years of experience in leadership and diversity. She’s recently written a best-selling book, Filter Shift: How Effective People See the World.

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#1 Let’s start with having you tell us a little more about your background and expertise in this area? [1:54]

#2 I’m curious how you have been able to navigate creating a business around the topics of diversity and inclusion as a white woman. I’ve seen in a lot of hostility in the Instagram discussions around the idea that white people should not be the ones at the forefront of this issue. Obviously, it’s possible because you’ve been so successful. What do you say to people who want to disqualify you on that ground?[4:52]

#3 I sent you some articles about the diversity discussion in the knitting and craft industries that has exploded in the first part of the year. I’d love to get your take on why you think this happened now and why racism and diversity is so polarizing? [8:40]

#4 I love that you say on your site that your firm is not about the “typical blame and shame diversity training”. Can you speak to that a bit? [17:17]

#5 I want to understand how unconscious filters play a role in trying to communicate with each other. You talk about this in your book Filter Shift and say we need to be able to respond based on other people’s filters and not yours. What does that mean? [26:08]

#6 I know so many business owners in the craft space want to take positive steps to improve the climate in our industry. Besides picking up a copy of your new book Filter Shift, What would you recommend for them? [35:14]

#7 Why is the “golden rule” not a great way to navigate issues of Diversity?[37:30]

#8 You are the proud recipient of the Nobles County 1985 Pork Queen… we have to know more about this! [40:11]