POS Analytics and Marketing Implementation: Like Sew, POSIM, and Shopify

Everyone can download their POS data, but WHAT do you do with that afterwards?  Stitchcraft Marketing has the analytic expertise to help you uncover the magic to inform marketing initiatives and strategies. Experience the positive impact that understanding these numbers can have on store performance, growth, and profit!


Here is what our program provides:

  • Monthly or quarterly download of your data into a user-friendly dashboard
  • Stitchcraft’s expert analysis of that data
  • A dedicated account manager that executes on strategic marketing initiatives based on the analysis.
Sales performance insights

For example, the data might show that 50 people bought a sewing machine for $700 or more during the pandemic. Now, three years later, those people are ready for a machine upgrade. We will create an email autosequence to those people inviting them to a special machine upgrade event where they receive a promotional offer that closes the sale. You could also choose to do direct mail or even make one-on-one phone calls to those customers. Now, you’ve just made $6000 in sales from one data-based marketing outreach.

Example dashboard sales vs last year
Sales History dashboard
Customer acquisition dashboard