Business of Craft Episode 35 Sue Monhait

Episode 35 Business of Craft


My guest today refers to her community as Gifters-Bakers-Crafters-Makers and she is an expert in helping crafty business owners go from just a dream to a profitable business. Sue Monhait has over 25 years of experience in retail, e-commerce and sales and marketing strategy. Sue is joining us today to talk about how to make the most of participating in an online course.

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#1 I have so many questions for you, Sue, but before we jump in, I wanted you to give our listeners a bit of background on you with a bit of origin story? [2:17]

#2 How long have you been doing these businesses? [4:13]

#3 Let’s start with the basics, how would someone do a basic evaluation of whether a course is going to be successful for them? [5:41]

#4 So many courses today have the Facebook group component. Do you feel like that is a critical element for students to stay connected? [13:32]

#5 What do you think about binge consumption of course content versus pacing it out? Is there one method that you think is more successful for the student? [15:22]

#6 Why do you think people aren’t’ always willing to invest in themselves? [19:35]

#7 One of your models is really intriguing to me… you recently launched a membership community. Can you share a little bit more about how that works? [23:35]

#8 Would you review the six steps? [25:38]

#9 Which type of sign up do you think is more compelling… the monthly or the lifetime membership? [31:04]

#10 I would guess that there is a lot of fear around spending money on an online course. Do you think choosing a course with a refund policy helps with fear of that risk? [35:17]  

#11 Do you have any success stories to share with us about some of your students? [37:33]

#12 I’ve heard that when you were little you looked like someone famous. What is that all about? [43:10]

#13 I want to also mention that you have a great downloadable guide that our listeners might be interested in: the 12 Steps to Creating a Profitable Gift Biz.  What do you include in that guide? [44:05]

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Link to her special link for our listeners:

Sue’s steps for preparing for an online course:
*Setting up your course folders
*Writing down what you’ll do differently after the course
*Setting time to take the course
*Starting at the beginning
*Participate in all the add-ons
*When it’s over- make a plan of action