Business of Craft Episode 20 Gale Zucker on Photography

Gale Zucker on Business of Craft Episode 20


In today’s episode,  Leanne talks with Gale Zucker, well-known in knitting circles for her inspirational photography. Gale is on a mission to elevate the entire industry with her talent. They discuss the photography basics and tips, editing software, and an encounter with the Munchkins of Oz.

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#1 Photography. You would think with today’s technology it would be easier, but it’s just not so easy for joe-crafter to get it right. Why is that? [2:25]

#2 Do you feel that photography often falls by the wayside? [3:00]

#3 If I’m a listener out there and I have a craft biz and I want to try to take my own photos, what’s the bare minimum I would need for equipment and setups? [4:25]

#4 What is “good lighting”? [5:24]

#5 Can you expand on what those diffusion materials are or DIY methods? [6:53]

#6 Can you tell us, from a marketing perspective, when the iPhone shot is appropriate to use and when you need to upgrade to more polished imagery? [8:34]

#7 Flat-lay photos seem really popular these days, especially on Instagram. Can you explain what a flat-lay photo is? [8:17]

#8 Do you have tips for getting a great flat lay photo? [11:17]

#9 Have you done, or worked with clients to create remarkable flat-lays? [13:25]

#10 Do you have an idea of what might be the next cool photography trend? [16:28]

#11 What advice do you have for DIY’ers to compose the shot with a story in mind? [18:15]

#12 What best practices do you have for getting great garment shots? [22:52]

#13 Do you have any sort of checklist you think people could use to run through a self-critique of their work? [25:18]

#14 You’re launching a new consulting/coaching business for DIY photographers, can you tell us about that? [29:58]

#15 What do listeners need to know about editing their photos? What’s the most important aspect of that? [32:45]

#16 Is Photoshop something you would recommend? [36:13]

#17 What tips can you share for organizing and archiving photos? [38:15]

#18 Tell us about your course schedule and what’s upcoming. [40:16]

#19 What additional resources could our community check out to brush up? [41:50]

#20 Can you share with us any of the more entertaining tidbits from your days shooting for the New York Times or other publications? [43:25]