Financial Mastermind

Stitchcraft Marketing Financial Mastermind Groups

Struggle with your business finances? Find that most programs out there ignore struggles unique to the craft industry? Leave paying yourself to the last drop of revenue? You’re not alone. 

Financial Mastermind

Join our new financial mastermind group, Good Math; Smart Business! Led by Stitchcraft Marketing’s in-house Financial Strategist, Michelle Walker, this new four-week session will help you get empowered about your money strategy alongside peers. You’ll learn how to look at your finances without fear, build a system using the Profit First method adjusted for your craft-based business, and other key numbers to leverage revenue, and therefore profit and growth. Mathematician status not required. 

Stitchcraft Marketing is leading the way with exclusive Mastermind groups for crafty business owners just like you! We’re keeping the groups small with limited enrollment.  



Starting late Q1, 2024

10:30am Mountain time

Meets weekly for 60 minutes

Fee is $975

The weekly one hour Zoom meetings will increase your confidence with business finances, make a plan to pay yourself appropriately, solve challenges specific to our industry, plus the opportunity to connect with fellow Mastermind members. You might even find a new accountability partner!

Good Math; Smart Business includes:
● 6 one hour group sessions via zoom, one per week, six consecutive weeks
● 1 30 minute one-on-one consultation with Financial Strategist, Michelle Walker
● Plug-in worksheets to run your numbers now & in the future


WEEK 1 – Profit First-ish – Principles for Crafty Product-Based Businesses
WEEK 2 – Working your Profit First-ish numbers
WEEK 3 – Goal Setting – Using Numbers over Emotions to Create Attainable Goals
WEEK 4 — Working your Numbers to Create Attainable Goals
WEEK 5 — Raising your Revenue – Key Numbers and How to Use Them
WEEK 6 – Working your Key Numbers & How to Market with Them

Michelle has been running her own fibercraft business since 2017, experienced downturns, deadstops and exponential growth, learning ins and outs of money management that work for creative entrepreneurship. Through years of craft business, both online and off, she found her favorite part of the craft industry is to help other crafty business owners thrive!

Cost: $975 prepaid for a 6 week investment, plus a 30 minute one-on-one consultation.

This mastermind group relies on dedicated commitment from the members in each group for at least 6 sessions. We’ve capped enrollment at 8 spots to ensure time for deeper discussions and building relationships.