Stitchcraft Marketing- We make magic for your brand - Soooo, you wanna work here?
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Soooo, you wanna work here?

We don’t have any open positions at this time, but we’re always looking for new talent.
In order for us to be properly introduced to you, we’ll need you to email our CEO Leanne Pressly ( the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • List of links to your social media channels (either for your personal or biz accounts)

Answers to this little skills quiz:
A client is launching a new colorway for her fingering merino-nylon base. She’s asking you to come up with the name and get started on some initial ideas for marketing. In 300-400 words, give us the color and describe the inspiration behind your name. Submit two examples for the following tasks that best illustrate your skills:

  • Shoot an original photo of the yarn
  • Create a promotional graphic for the yarn (specify what it’s for)
  • Write a social media promotional post (specify for which SM channel)
  • Propose a promotional campaign (include budget if required)
  • Whatever else showcases your skill set