Business of Craft Episode 11 Alex Krupski on Search Optimization

Business of Craft Episode 11 Alex Krupski


On this episode, we will speak with Alex Krupski, an expert on all things SEO, (search engine optimization) about the basics of Google Analytics and the best SEO practices for crafty business owners.

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#1  What are the important metrics in Google Analytics? [2:17] (New users, bounce rate, and percentage of new sessions.)  [2:17]

#2 Let’s focus in on new users – how is that defined? [5:24]

#3 Can you elaborate more on the term “bounce rate”? [6:53]

#4  What is a session and what are you looking at when you say “percentage of new sessions”? [11:35]

#5  How do you increase your percentage of new sessions? [13:55]

#6  What is the most important reason crafty business owners should be looking at the metrics? Why does it really matter? [15:30]

#7  Why are blogs so important? [17:30]

#8  What is the Google console and what can it give to its users that Google Analytics can’t? [20:58]

#9  What are a couple of things that everyone should be aware of with their website SEO? [24:15]

#10  Where can you go to make changes to your website, such as fixing a URL? [29:40]

#11  Listeners can find a free SEO Guide/ebook on PredictiveROI/BOCSEOguide. [31:40]

#12  What are backlinks and why are they important for people to know about? [32:40]

#13  Do you recommend people actually solicit backlinks? How do they do that without seeming obnoxious? [34:00]

#14  How do you create keyword lists and why is it important? Check out the website Google keyword planner. [37:02]

#15  Why are local businesses so popular in your opinion? [43:19]


Dark or light beer? [45:46]

Best brewery you’ve ever been to?  [45:55]

Styles – something shiny and new or the classic? [46:51]

Is there a cheese-lover beer in Wisconsin? [47:12]


Google Analytics

Google Console – Alex’s gift to our listeners

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