Business of Craft Amy E. Smith on Being a Badass in Business


Welcome everyone to the second season of Business of Craft where our theme is wantrepreneurship— and our episodes are covering all the baby steps you need to take to launch your new business in 2020.

[Just a quick warning that we’re going to be throwing around some curse words in today’s episode so if you’ve got little ears listening or that kind of language just isn’t your thing, you can make an informed choice about that.]

My guest today is Amy E. Smith, aka The Joy Junkie. Amy is a certified professional career coach and her personal mission is to help aspiring bad-ass women to create joyful lives by accessing radical self love, worthiness and self-acceptance. 

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#1 Have you always been a badass or did you have to make the shift yourself?[2:29]

#2 In your free e-book, “Stand up for yourself without being a dick” you say that your program isn’t necessarily for the woman who has no outward self esteem, this is for the executive who leads like a boss but allows men to treat her like shit or the lady who shines at the party but questions herself constantly and compares herself to others. Sounds like women with imposter syndrome? [8:32]

#3 I don’t think you can launch a business if you’re trapped by the judgments of others. Can you speak to that? [10:28]

#4 Another one of your challenges is about re-framing negative self talk. You have this fantastic formula that employs a term you coined: progressive language. Can you give us an example of how we can tame our inner shit-talker with this exercise? [14:02]

#5 Why is saying NO so important to master for new biz owners? [16:58]

#6 I think one great exercise for our listeners is when you’re saying yes, maybe try to identify what is the thing you’re saying no to.  That could be part of that equation? [20:50]

#7 How do you coach people to respond instead of apologizing and over explaining? [23:19]

#8 You say that there is a secret to truly believing that you are “enough” so we can stop with the people-pleasing. Care to share with us what that is? [28:32]

#9 Do you feel like creative female entrepreneurs have some extra baggage to unpack? [32:39] 

#10 Can you give our listeners just a couple of daily habits that you think are useful when they’re trying to tame that confidence monster? [37:45]

#11 What is your advice on staying focused? [39:00]

#12 How long is the Deep Down and Dirty program structured? [42:03]