Business of Craft Episode 10 Amy Small


On this episode, we will chat with Amy Small, owner and creative muse behind Knit Collage, a handspun yarn company in Boston MA, about fear and lessons learned from failures. She will also discuss her recently launched podcast called College Creative, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s idea of “creative living”.

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#1  How and why should one embrace failure? [2:25]

#2  How can you find the courage to be vulnerable? [6:36]

#3  Can you explain the topic of your Podcasts? Have you learned anything from the women you have interviewed? What stands out to you? [10:15]

#4  Amy is into “morning routines”. What are some of your favorite routines that you’ve heard from others? Can you explain what you do in the mornings? [14:02]

#5  How do you write out your goals? Can you give us a timeline? [17:45]

#6  How were you so brave to just up and move to Hong Kong? [23:01]

#7  What are your tactics to battle the lizard brain that we all have some days? What happens when you feel that lump in your throat and what are the next steps you take to back away from the proverbial ledge? [26:40]

#8  Do you subscribe to the idea of the “fail fast system”? [30:17]

#9  Do you have a current fear you’re battling? [31:35]

#10  What are your best practices for gaining Instagram followers. You have 14K followers yourself. How does planning help you achieve this? [33:45]

#11  How do you achieve such a high caliber of content with your photography? [39:40]


What is something you still do the old-fashioned way? [42:27]

If you had a free billboard on the side of a busy highway and you could put any phrase up there, what would it be? [44:08]

If you could live in any TV home, what would it be? [45:52]