Business of Craft Episode 66 Benjamin Krudwig on Millennial Buying Behaviors


Some listeners might recognize my guest today as a friend and former employee at Stitchcraft Marketing, Benjamin Krudwig. Benjamin makes his mark in the fiber industry as a talented weaver, garment-maker and fashion designer. He is currently the social media manager at Schacht Spindle. I wanted to have Benjamin come on the show today to talk about his expertise on millennial buying behaviors in the craft industry.

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#1 You’re not only a millennial Benjamin but you’ve embarked on this journey lately to deconstruct the consumer behaviors of this generation and you’ve been sharing this knowledge at industry trade shows. Tell us the gist of what your TNNA talk back in June was about. [1:56]

#2 I want to review some of what the broad stroke differences are with your generation. What would you say those are? [3:33]

#3 I know you’re really interested in the slow fashion movement which has become one of the more common millennial-centric themes I come across. For those that don’t know, can you give our listeners a brief overview of slow fashion and why it’s so important to consider. [5:36]

#4 So, let’s try to draw out an actionable tip for B2C business models. Let’s assume you have a fabric or yarn shop. What are a few things you could do in your shop to appeal to anyone interested in the slow fashion movement? [7:28]

#5 I’ve learned that another characteristic of millennial consumers is that they want to know they’re making a difference with their purchase. I haven’t really seen many businesses in the craft space embrace this concept yet… what ways could smaller businesses capitalize on that idea? [12:01]

#6 We know younger people are more comfortable in a digital world. What about the infusion of technology in craft? Are you seeing that play an important role in attracting a younger audience to the industry? [18:30]

#7 What advice do you have for listeners when it comes to technology for their business? What are the bare minimum requirements for businesses in your opinion? [22:53]

#8 So many of our clients at SCM just don’t understand social media or they don’t make it a priority in their marketing program. What would you say to those businesses? [33:01]

#9 Another trend I read about is brand loyalty.. And primarily that it’s much harder to build and retain brand loyalty with millennials. Would you say that’s true for you and your cohort? [35:50]

#10 What kind of interactions DO you appreciate that build brand loyalty?[38:26]

#11 Let’s shift gears a bit and discuss millennials as employees and co-workers. What do you think are some of the biggest mistakes that older generation employers make when it comes to retaining younger workers? [41:02]

#12 So, I always end with a quirky question but I know one of the most interesting things about you is your fashion design. Tell us about your most favorite creation and what it’s made out of. [46:39]

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