Business of Craft Bex Marie on Websites


Welcome everyone to the second season of Business of Craft where our theme is wantrepreneurship— and our episodes are covering all the baby steps you need to take to launch your new business in 2020.

My guest today is Bex Marie of Bex -short for Rebecca- is a graphic design professional and since 2010 she’s been  building websites for creative professionals. Bex is going to chat with us today about considerations in launching a new website.  

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I want to jump right in with the discussion of do you need a website? How do you help clients answer that question? [2:15]

Do you recommend that people explore some of the other extensions like Or what kind of recommendations do you make for people to get creative with their domain name if they can’t get exactly what they want? [4:05]

Do you have places that you would recommend people go like a GoDaddy or should they work through a webmaster? What’s kind of that first step if they want to start looking at different domain names? What do you tell clients? [5:22]

Can you just give us maybe like a 101 explanation of kind of that back end of how a website works? [6:40]

Some people are going to be better served with an Etsy platform for their business. Can you help those people self-identify? How do you know if you’re better off on Etsy vs. taking the plunge and doing your own site? [8:35]

What are some of the benefits of using WordPress, and can you also touch on the difference between .org and .com? [11:56]

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of other platforms. What are some of the differences there? [17:43]

The other big question we get a lot is whether or not to put your inventory on an e-commerce platform. I’m usually arguing why that’s a bad idea but I’d love to hear your opinion on that question. [21:07]

You have a free download which is free for our listeners called “Must Have Website Elements”. I love what you say about having a decent logo and great branding. Why is that so critical? [25:45]

What about photos? What tips do you have for those people? [28:49]

You also mention needing an SSL. I think people start to glaze over when I start talking about security certificates but it’s a must have right? [31:02]

Can you give us some critical components of a good about-us page and how should it differ from a contact us page? [35:01]

One of your other recommendations is to have upselling or cross selling tools on your site. Can you elaborate on what those are and why you recommend them? [37:20]