Business of Craft Episode 49 Brian Edman on New SEO Strategies


My guest today Brian Edman works as an account executive with our friends over at Predictive ROI. He has spent his career thus far focusing on search and optimization strategies and he has a lot of new insights about how to do SEO well that I wanted our listeners to know about.

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#1 Tell our listeners a little bit about what you do at Predictive ROI. [2:21]

#2 When we say SEO, what does that mean to you? [3:38]

#3 Can you explain what a Googlebot spider is and what it means to crawl the page? [5:05]

#4 There is so much revenue value in being in a top placement in a search. Can you walk us through some of that math? [6:37]

#5 I want to touch on 2 or 3 things that you do for clients now to help them develop strong SEO? [10:07]

#6 If we know that credible, authoritative content worthy of amplification is our goal, how do you guide clients to be able to recognize that? [13:11]

#7 If we know the goal is to have credible content, authoritative content, and amplification, how do you guide clients in recognizing what is good content and what is fluff? [15:12]

#8 What are some of the things that are no longer best practices with SEO? [17:18]

#9 Can you elaborate on what makes a good strategy with keywords?[23:18]

#10 Are you still recommending keyword research before you begin optimization efforts? [27:14]

#11 How do listeners get started with keyword research? [28:58]

#12 What about the SERP or Search Engine Results Page? How can listeners figure out where to put the information on their website so that it shows up correctly on the results page? [35:09]

#13 One of the other things you’re recommending now for better results is to make sure your page is secure. Can you walk us through those steps? [36:55] 

#14 Is it still a best practice to register as many relevant URL’s as you can and then park those domain names so you get top level traffic from them? For example, the name of your yarn shop might be I love Yarn but you’re located in Denver so you might register and point it to your brand name. [39:18]

#15 Are there any practices now that you see with client’s websites just make you cringe? [41:20]

#16 What are some resources you can recommend for listeners who want to improve their knowledge of SEO? [43:50]

#17 If you could live for a week in the past or in the future which would it be and what would you hope to experience? [45:19]