Business of Craft Season 4 Episode 4 Cecilia Nelson-Hurt

Business of Craft Season 4 Episode 4 with Cecilia Nelson-Hurt


Welcome to Business of Craft, a show designed to help entrepreneurs with fabric or fiber businesses become more successful. Our guests share best practices and teach effective marketing skills, that help crafty business owners learn to grow and scale. Let’s start crafting a better business together!

Today’s guest is Cecilia Nelson-Hurt is currently the chief diversity officer at Heidrick & Struggles, an executive talent and leadership advisory firm. Prior to that position, Cecilia worked at L’oreal USA and JPMorgan Chase in prominent VP roles, further refining her expertise in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. In our industry, she goes by the moniker @creativececi and has been an avid knitter and crocheter for more than 20 years. She also has a passion for travel and takes pride in the fact she’s visited over 150 shops in the USA and abroad. 

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#1 I love to hear guests’ origin stories about when and how they came into the craft. I know everyone is anxious to get to the content on diversity and inclusion but I feel like we owe homage to your grandmother Sophia? 

#2 Diversity and inclusion can be such a complex topic so I wonder if we should just begin with an overview of the scope of who we’re talking about when we discuss being diverse or more inclusive. It’s not just ethnicity or sexual orientation but also disability and other groups of people, who else are you considering when you’re thinking about this topic? 

#3 How do companies show up and make a statement when things happen? When is it appropriate to do so? 

#4 I’ve often thought that in order to really make progress on this issue, we need to have more difficult conversations. Do you have any guidelines for people who want to participate in those difficult conversations but don’t because of fear of backlash? 

#5 You discussed unconscious bias and defined it earlier. Do you come across other terms that we need to be aware of? 

#6 I want to talk about your work at Heidrick and Struggles. Can you give us a “day in the life” of your amazing job? 

#7 Are you ever in a position where you’re consulting other companies on their programs? 

#8 Where would you recommend folks start if they’re trying to do their own internal evaluation? 

#9 Let’s say you are working for a company and you are the one experiencing a lack of belonging for some reason. What is your recommendation for how people should address that with leadership? 

#10 What resources would you recommend for people on their learning journeys? 

Key Takeaways:

  • Who is missing? How do we expand the circle to include points of difference and dimension? Diversity is everyone who is in the space, but do they feel included? Equity means does everyone have access to the same opportunities, allowed the same moments to develop themselves and grow. Not just a seat at the table, but a VOICE at the table.
  • DEI is constantly evolving through the ages
  • The differences between intent and impact.
  • Once we name something and determine it exists, we need to do something about it.