Business of Craft Episode 46 Denise Ackert on Mindfulness


Today our guest is Denise Ackert, owner of Innerlight Healthworks located in Salida, Colorado. I wanted to have Denise on the show because I’ve personally learned so much from her in the realm of mindfulness and self-care and I know that during the holiday season, we could all use a little reminder about all those things.

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#1 First, I want to have the listeners hear from you about Iinnerlight Healthworks and why this work is so important to you. [2:17]

#2 Let’s dive right in with mindfulness and meditation. Is there a difference between those two terms or do you use them interchangeably? [3:35]

#3 We’re hearing so much in the news and popular culture about the benefits of meditation. Can you just review a few of those with our listeners? [5:24]

#4 What do you say to those people, those entrepreneurs who resist meditating because they believe it will tamp the fire? [8:14]

#5 Do you think the creative flow would improve for people if they could incorporate a meditation practice? [10:19]

#6 What about the role of meditation and fear? [12:00]

#7 Do you know some successful entrepreneurs who meditate regularly? [16:08]

#8 I know there are apps out there designed to help people onboard with meditation. Do you recommend our listeners try those? [18:02]

#9 Can you give us a few of your tips for someone who wants to start meditating to try it out, without apps? [22:45]

#10 Is the myth that we can multitask is not true? Or at least what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t even try? [26:06]

#11 What is one actionable tip our listeners can try today? [29:52]

#12 I know you do some work with the teachings of Ayurvedic traditions. What is that? [32:34]

#13 You also do some mentoring and one area you focus on is mindful parenting. How do you help parents become more in tune with being their best self in the parent role? [36:10]

#14 Would you recommend they start along the same path, then? [38:18]

#15 Do you do mentoring or consulting across distances? And if you do, what does that look like? [39:45]

#16 What’s one life lesson you learned while on the boat that you carry with you daily? [41:26]

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