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On this episode, Leanne chats with friend and fellow marketing agency owner, Drew McLellan, about myths, working with millennials, and how to put your business visions into action. The conversation also touches on three Disney controversies most likely to start a fight.  


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A Study of Millennials

[3:20] Most surprising insight from the study is that most millennials don’t show up at work like “millennials”. They resent that label.

[4:04] “Many people think millennials want a trophy every day for just doing their job. Most of them really aren’t that way.”

[5:41] “Be careful you don’t assume they are a certain way because of their age.” Watch for attitudinal behaviors that clue you in to the fact your employees are just “phoning it in”.

How to Inspire Employees

[7:04] “Not every employee is saveable. The biggest threat to your company’s success is an employee who is not fully engaged.”

[7:46] Drew describes tips employers can put into place to work with employees including one on one meetings and a growth plan.

[10:00] If employers are not investing in employees, even someone who loves craft can come to dislike the work.

[11:08]  One of the number one criteria employees used to consider a position was what kind of growth opportunities are available at the job. “Professional development is a shared responsibility.”

[11:28] Make employees come back to the office to share what they learned in professional development.

[14:07] Don’t use the word millennials. “People 34 and under don’t like to be labeled as a millennial. The more you refer to them as a millennial, the more their behavior becomes millennial-like.”

How to be a Great Leader and the Radical Leap

[15:32] How should a leader show up every day? Leap stands for Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof. “At the end of the day, love inspires love.”

[17:48] “The greatest luxury of all is that we own our businesses.”


Practical Day-to-Day Activities to Support Employees

[21:36] “My goal with employees is to ruin them for all others.”

[24:01] “My treatment of employees is nothing big or magical but it is intentional.”

Working with Creative People

[27:04] Best practices for working with creative people. Creative work is very emotional for people. The work can be subjective.

[28:27] Remind the team there is a difference between creative work you do as your hobby and creative work you do for your job.

[29:24] Drew describes his creative environment at his agency to keep the creative juices flowing.

[31:37] “A big aspect of being creative on demand is giving ourselves permission to play.”

[32:45]  Employers need to nurture a creative environment and share mistakes with employees. “I try to expose any mistake I make to everyone around me. This makes it easier for other people to acknowledge their mistakes.”

How Can Creative People Define their Future Dreams

[34:48] You have to define the destination in order to get there.  We forget to lift our head from nose to the grindstone to see the goals.

[34:55] “It’s super important you have a clear vision of why you do what you do and where you want to go.”

[35:30] Drew describes the exercise he does to map out his future life.  His awareness of goals allows him to make conscious choices. He is living his envisioned life now.

Drew’s Take on Walt Disney

[38:16]  Drew reflects on what he respects most about Walt’s ambitious vision for the business. Drew recognizes the Disney formula for Walt as the visionary and his brother Roy as the integrator for the business.

[40:28]”There is nothing wrong with pursuing that side hustle on the side with great ambition and vengeance while you work your day job.”

Disney Drama

[42:00] Yes or no? Disney Main Street bakery being rebranded as Starbucks.

[44:10] Yes or No? Avatar being introduced into the Animal Kingdom.

[46:10] Yes or No? Serving beer in the Magic Kingdom.

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