Business of Craft Episode 40 Heidi Gustad on Video Production


My guest today is Heidi Gustad of the website and blog, Hands Occupied. I’ve worked with Heidi for many years as a blogger for our blogger outreach program, and more recently on collaborative video projects for our Stitchcraft Clients. In addition to running Hands Occupied, Heidi has been a video host and designer for Prime Media, Blitsy and more. She is also an accomplished knit and crochet designer, hosts the podcast Very Serious Crafts and teaches workshops around the country. I asked Heidi to come on our show to talk about video production because this is one of those areas that is so underutilized and I think creates a lot of fear for crafty entrepreneurs.  

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#1 Can you share with our listeners more about your origin story with Hands Occupied and give them a sense of your business? [2:08]

#2 I wonder if you can tell our listeners why it’s so critical to be getting serious about video? [4:57]

#3 What do you think is the big hurdle to making video? Why don’t people just do it? [6:08]

#4 What are your top 3 tips for DIY videographers to achieve that for themselves? [8:12]

#5 Do you recommend a specific hardware setup for DIY video? [10:37]

#6 What about Audio? How do you handle video when you’re doing video with a phone? [12:40]

#7 And how about editing? Can you recommend some top editing tools for beginners? [14:10]

#8 Do you have a platform preference? I’d think YouTube and Vimeo would be the top two choices? [18:26]

#9 Let’s talk about some of the creative considerations. What tips do you have for making your video beautiful? [23:13]

#10 We always recommend a donut style of open and close. Can you explain what that means for our listeners? [28:13]

#11 What about pitfalls? Are there a few things you’d caution about for people new to video? [31:07]

#12 For folks who might still not feel like they have the time or energy for video, what would they expect to pay for good quality craft tutorials for example? [33:51]

#13 Can you tell them a little bit about what you offer with the new collaborative programs we’re doing at Stitchcraft? [34:58]

#14 I was perusing your podcast episodes and Season 1, Episode 4, you talked about Craft Shame. I am so intrigued by what that is and I wonder if you can tell our listeners what that is? [38:44]

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For a video that’s 0-5 minutes – $1,000 total, 5-10 minutes $1250, & 10-15 minutes $1550. 5 or more videos at once, you get a 10% discount, and if you book 10 or more, they get 25% off.

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