Business of Craft Episode 28 Innovations with Ja’De Hardiman and Pam Maher

Business of Craft episode 28 innovations


Episode 28 is a little bit different than our usual format. Our guests are innovators in the crafts industry. Leanne interviews Ja’De Hardiman, founder of the website D-Stash in the first half of the show, and Pam Maher of FiberCrafty in the second half.

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Innovation: D-Stash App

#1 I read on your website that you came up with this idea because you had trouble finding planner materials that were being shared in the community is that right? [3:12]

#2 D-stash is a peer-to-peer platform. Would you compare it to eBay or Etsy where you’re buying from another party and they’re shipping it to you? [4:20]

#3 With D-stash you just sign in with your social account, take photos and then add them to what you call your  “craft room”.  Can you explain this a little more? [5:31]

#4 Do you have a feedback mechanism for buyers or sellers? [6:30]

#5 How did you move along the path of having an idea to actually launching the app? [7:15]

#6 Did your app development take a typical amount of time? [8:50]

#7  Can you elaborate on the process of interviewing the developers? Do you have advice on how to choose someone? [10:14]

#8 What would be the first step for someone thinking about developing an app? [11:28]

#9 Were there other challenges you had to overcome in order to get to the launch? [13:19]

#10 Can you speak to our audience about how you faced the fear and moved through it? [14:58]

#11 How do you know when to press on or regroup? [16:43]

#12 How did you learn about Mark Zuckerberg’ philosophies? [18:04]

#13  What’s the one thing you’ve learned from Gary Vee that you think might help our budding entrepreneur listeners out there?[19:08]

#14 What are the categories that folks can utilize on the D-Stash app and do you have plans to expand into other categories? [21:08]

Innovation: Fiber Crafty

#1 Can you let us know what FiberCrafty is all about? [26:42]

#2 Let’s start by giving our audience an overview of how FiberCrafty works and why it’s different from other platforms out there. [29:30]

#3 How did you determine what shoppers would need before you started developing? [32:00]

#4 How long did it take you from start to finish with FiberCrafty? [34:16]

#5 Did you do a lot of research into different types of partnerships to help you with the development side? [35:21]

#6  What were the biggest challenges you had in getting to launch? [38:48]

#7 Is there anything you would have done differently with this business launch or any lessons learned that helped you grow? [40:34]

#8 I imagine there are folks out there that might be interested in becoming a merchant on FiberCrafty. Can you explain how that works? [44:44]