Business of Craft Jamie Billesbach on Business Plans


Welcome everyone to the second season of Business of Craft where our theme is wantrepreneurship— and our episodes are covering all the baby steps you need to take to launch your new business in 2020. My guest today is Jamie Billesbach, she is the Center Director of the Small Business Development Center for the Central Mountain Region of Colorado. Jamie has more than 20 years of experience in brand development, merchandising, graphic design and marketing planning for companies such as LavAzza coffee, Clif Bar, Annie’s Gourmet and Hershey’s. She also worked for the Mexican government developing the Mexican Chiapas Shade Grown Coffee company with over 25,000 growers.

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#1 Let’s start by discussing the importance of a business plan. [2:40]

#2 I think a lot of people make the mistake of confusing marketing with sales. What’s the difference? [3:34]

#3 Let’s break down some of the components of a basic marketing plan. Give us the broad overview of the most basic pieces that should go into a good plan? [4:20] 

#4 How do you coach clients to identify their brand messaging? [5:12]

#5 How do you advise clients that they identify their target audience? [8:41]

#6 Can you define SWOT analysis for us and walk us through it? [10:08]

#7  There are so many marketing vehicles available these days. Do you have any tips for helping clients figure out which vehicles they need to focus on? [11:27]

#8 Tell us more about the power of purpose as a component in a marketing plan. [14:50]

#9 I know you’re a big proponent of Richard’s Leider’s work: Work Reimagined-Uncovering your calling. Tell us what you appreciate about his book? [17:00]

#10  I think it would be good to review some of the different types of sales methods so beginners know what types are out there? [19:13]

#11 How does reading some of these books change your plan? [22:30]

#12 How about a budget? How do you guide new business startups on how much to spend on the marketing plan? [23:34]

#13 How do you reassure clients who come to you feeling like there are just too many moving parts to the marketing plan or it’s just too much work to do it? [27:37]

#14 If you need help, how do you find those people? [29:45]

#15 Can you tell us a little bit more about SBDC? [31:55]

#16 Do you have any books or websites or resources you use to help people with the process of creating a marketing plan? [34:02]

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