Business of Craft Episode 70 Janet Kafadar on Building Your Business After Hours


My guest today is Janet Kafadar, an online business coach who’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs package their brilliance into a sustainable, profitable online business. She’s come on Business of Craft show today to talk about starting a business after hours.

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#1 Tell us about how you got started with that niche focus in your business. [1:41]

#2 Why do you advocate that we ditch the word hustle? [6:33]

#3 I think it’s also really hard to hold on to the work life balance–especially if you have young children. How did you manage to fend off the burnout? [8:41]

#4 Do you have any actionable tips for our listeners for building your business at night? [15:27]

#5 What other feedback do you give your clients on how to identify their ideal customer, if they get stuck on that? [18:02]

#6 When you have such limited time after dark, how do you advise people to organize their time so they’re doing the next most impactful thing? [24:25]

#7 I also read that you take the position that being stuck is a cover up. Tell us more about that? [29:36]

#8 How can people self-evaluate if they’d be coachable or not? [32:58]

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