Business of Craft Episode 50 Jen Geigley How to Be an Influencer


My guest Jen Geigley is a graphic designer by trade but also she’s a prolific knitwear designer and has published several design books including Weekend, Everyday, Visions, Visions Kids, Luna, and Chroma. She’s also been published in several magazines including Simple Magazine, Noro Magazine, Knitsy, and Rowan’s online publications. She lives in Des Moines Iowa. Jen is one of our influencers in our blogger outreach program and she’s got a lot to teach our listeners about how to be a good marketing influencer.

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#1 Would you elaborate on your origins or what you do in the knitting world?

#2 I think a lot of listeners want to be influencers but they don’t know how and I imagine we also have crafty company owners who aren’t sure how exactly to work with someone like you so I want to cover both angles. Let’s start with unboxing the role you play at Stitchcraft in our blogger outreach program. [5:40]

#3 What are some of the challenges of being an influencer? [8:16]

#4 Can you share what you think someone should expect in terms of compensation if they’re doing this kind of work? [9:24]

#5 Can you explain what an affiliate link is? [10:54]

#6 How would someone go about finding clients or companies to partner with? [11:50]

#7 For listeners thinking about becoming an influencer, what other advice would you have for them? [14:06]

#8 I’m reading that the landscape for influencers is changing and that younger consumers don’t trust that anymore. Are you seeing any of that happening from your vantage point? [18:05]

#9 What about buying followers? [20:40]

#10 How would someone start if they have a low amount of followers? [21:45]

#11 What are some of the things you look for when you’re determining what clients are going to be a good fit for a sponsored post? [25:26]

#12 Describe for me the ideal client? What are the best practices they do that make you want to work with them continually? [28:42]

#14 If you could tell clients one or two things to change or improve to help your job to be easier and your blog posts to convert better what would that be? [32:05]

#15 How much lead time is typical for a blog post you might write? [35:38]

#16 I know you’re excited to have launched the Knitting Planner. Tell us about this fabulous combo of a daily planner and knitwear journal. [39:04]

#17 Do you have a special playlist you pull out when you are in your creative flow and if you can recommend a few songs that our crafty listeners might want to add to their playlists? [42:43]