Business of Craft Episode 30 Joe McClain


Leanne’s guest is doing tremendous work in our industry that our listeners would love to learn more about. Joe McClain is the CEO of the organization Help Heal Veterans. Their mission is to provide therapeutic craft kits to every veteran who wants them.

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#1 Help Heal Veterans has been around for a long time. Would you tell us a little bit more background about it? [2:03]

#2 How long have you been the CEO? [4:09]

#3 Can you expand on your website description, where you have locations with community-based arts and crafts centers all over the country? [5:06]

#4 I’m fascinated by research that shows that crafting has therapeutic value. Please share what you know about the value of crafting for healing in your community. [8:00]

#5 And, it’s not just visible wounds, there are many invisible wounds of war that can benefit from crafts is that correct?

#6 Do you play a role in choosing which kits would have the most benefit for a particular veteran or do they just come to you and say, “I want to try woodworking.” [12:35]

#7 Can you elaborate on how craft therapy can benefit both the visible and invisible wounds of war? [14:47]

#8 Do you have a craft you like to do? [18:46]

#9 Is there a particular craft that you would say is the most popular? [21:47]

#10 Do most of the people you serve have prior crafting experience or is this their first exposure? [23:25]

#11 Are there crafts or sectors that haven’t worked well? [24:51]

#12 You also work with organizations like Operation Shoebox to send Crafts out to servicemen and women around the world. Can you tell us more about that? [26:46]

#13 How do you deal with issues regarding donations and partnerships? [29:32]

#14 Do you send craft kits directly to individuals or do they have to work with a facility to access the program? [30:42]

#15 If there are listeners out there that want to make a donation, how can they get in touch with you? [32:28]

#16 We have such a generous community and I wonder if there is anything you might ask of them that would support the work you’re doing? [33:42]

#17 How would someone get in touch with you if they are interested in a kit themselves or for a loved one? [36:50]

#18 I just recently interviewed a guest who worked with missile silos in the Air Force and he elaborated on the lessons he learned in the military. I wonder if you can share with our audience the same question: How does your military experience make you a better in business? [38:25]

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Or call her at 951-926-4500

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