Business of Craft Episode 38 Julie MacDonald


I’ve known my guest today Julie MacDonald from our days working together at Interweave Press. Julie was then the Media Sales Director and after a brief departure, she’s back at F&W Media in the role of  Media Sales Director. I asked Julie to come on the show to speak about print media in the digital age and to help our listeners evaluate that aspect of their marketing spend. We talk about creating great ad copy, beginner mistakes, and what she would say to her doppelganger.

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#1 In the last 10 years, however, the digital era has put a lot of pressure on print magazines to generate ad dollars. From your vantage point, how has the change forced publishers to evolve? [2:25]

#2 Is there any sort of exercise that helps your clients get tuned in to who they are as a brand? [4:25]

#3 Can  you tell us about some of the more exciting things you’re offering advertisers at F&W now? [6:20]

#4 What do you think is the type of advertiser that really benefits from print ad as a major component of their advertising initiatives? [10:25]

#5 What do you tell print advertisers about how to measure ROI? [13:24]

#6 Let’s talk a little bit about ad copy. So many clients don’t really understand call to action vs. branding ads. Can you explain to our listeners the difference and when you’d choose one over the other? [21:10]

#7 What do you think is one of the biggest mistake that advertisers make in print with ad copy? [26:58]

#8 One of the questions I always got as an ad manager was when you have a really small budget, is it better to do one big ad one time, or several smaller issues and smaller sizes? [29:31]

#9 Can you tell our listeners about placement and frequency contracts? [32:03]

#10 Can you tell our listeners what an SIP is and how those differ from the regular subscriber issues? [35:50]

#11 When I was doing research for this interview, I found Reverend Julie MacDonald who is a professional medium and I thought, wow, that’s interesting…. So I wonder if you have ever had the opportunity to meet your doppelganger, Julie MacDonald, what would you ask her? [40:44]

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