Business of Craft with Kara Gott Warner


On this episode, we will chat with Kara Gott Warner about getting published in print magazines and the benefits of having a coach to cultivate your creative business. Plus why you should only buy organic coffee.

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#1 You’ve done so many things (editor, illustrator, teacher) and you’ve landed in this coaching and mentoring space. How did you land on that as your current incarnation? [2:22]

#2 I know you’ve tinkered with crowdfunded support platforms for Power Purls Podcast. I love this idea that Patreon offers this platform where creatives get paid!  Can you explain how a platform like Patreon works for listeners who might not know about it? [4:20]

#3 As a patron of the Power Purls Podcast, what would I get as a member that I wouldn’t get just by listening to your show? What are the extras? [6:40]

#4 Where do you weigh in on the topic of designers getting paid for their work? [8:48]

#5 What are your top 3 insider secrets to gain editorial exposure with a print publication? [17:40]

#6 So right now, your work is predominantly focused on coaching and mentoring and you offer one-on-one programs to help creatives build their businesses. What would you say is the most common “problem” or hurdle your clients have to achieve their goals? [23:28]

#7 Finding a good coach is so essential to the success of the relationship. Do you have any advice for listeners in how to identify a good partner for a coach? [30:54]

#8 Do you feel like the social spaces have done a good job at replicating that sense of belonging that used to only come from shop knitting circles or has that damaged our connection to each other as knitters? [33:35]

#9 What advice do you have for listeners suffering from burnout when the business of craft takes over and makers lose the love of the craft that brought them there in the first place? [34:59]

#10 I’d consider myself a collector of productivity tips and you’re a big believer in a solid morning routine. After over 80 episodes on this topic, what best practices have you picked up and implemented for yourself? [40:31]

#11 What is one food-related vice you’re willing to admit to that you know isn’t really that healthy?  AND, what is one thing you HAVE given up and you feel better for it?[43:49]