Business of Craft Episode 57 Katie Hunt on Trade Shows


My guest today, Katie Hunt is the founder and CEO of several businesses including Kelp Designs, a stationary manufacturing company and Tradeshow Bootcamp which we’re going to chat about today.  Katie has hosted more than 200 webinars, 12 conferences and spent hundreds of hours providing 1-1 coaching to independent artists and small businesses. She is also the host of the Proof to Product podcast where she interviews mostly stationary and paper folks about growing their businesses. She received the Emerging Gift Industry Leader Award in 2015 and was included on the industry’s 40 Under 40 list in 2017. 

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#1 Can we start with the story you tell about your experience at the 2011 National Stationery Show that launched Tradeshow Bootcamp? [2:43]

#2 Let’s start with how someone decides whether or not a trade show is even a good choice for them. When do you know if you ARE ready for that step in your business evolution? [8:35]

#3 If you’re going to scope things out first, what are your best secrets to share there? [12:51]

#4  What do you coach your clients about putting together an amazing catalog? [15:12]

#5 One of the other mistakes I know people make with a trade show is lack of follow up. How do you organize and systematize your process to really capitalize on the experience? [20:11]

#6 So let’s talk about opposite extremes of the trade show outcome. What’s your strategy for managing both those scenarios? [26:16]

#7 Where do you think we’ll be in 10 years with craft trade shows? [29:51]

#8 If you’re just starting out in building a craft business, how do you go about finding a mentor? [33:00]

#9 You have a free class for people interested in booth design advice and you also have a class on whether or not wholesaling is right for you…is there anything else you want to tell them about on your site? [35:03]

#10 What are some other ways in which you can measure success from a show? [37:00]

#11 What if I gave you a billboard size card to give to the creative business world, what’s the one thing it would say? [38:40]

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