Business of Craft Episode 68 Katie Salmon on Email Marketing


My guest Katie Salmon is the founder and CEO of a digital marketing consultancy business called Katie Does Marketing. Katie helps shop owners and makers develop strategies to simply SELL MORE STUFF.

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#1 You and I share the fact that we are both women with niche marketing businesses so I’m always curious about other people’s origin stories. Tell us a little bit about how you landed where you are today? [2:25]

#2 Let’s start by talking about planning your email content strategy. Why is it so important to have a plan before you start sending out emails? [5:25]

#3 Is there a cap on too many emails? [9:45]

#4 Subject lines are so critical to a good email campaign. What are your best practices for coming up with a good subject line? [10:58]

#5 What about emojis? Do you recommend using those in the subject line? [15:16]

#6 Can you review A/B testing: what is it, how do you do it, and your best practices? [17:31]

#7 Do you have thoughts on attrition? What is a normal rate of unsubscribes you see in the maker space? [23:35]

#8 We help clients set up automations all the time but not everyone knows what they are or how to use them effectively. Can you give us an example of how someone might set one up for the holiday season? [27:12]

#9 Lots of clients ask us how to capitalize on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Right now is the time they need to have a plan in place for that. How do you help your clients take advantage of those two sales days? [30:52]

#10 Let’s talk a little bit about the shop pop you offer? Your website says you have “tools to make your shop pop” Tell us a little bit more about that. [35:42]

#11 Can you review some of the features of MailChimp that you like and some of the other email platforms out there? [37:30]

#12 What are some fast wins you can give our audience for someone who has a small list or no list? How do they start? [40:32]

#13 I always end my show with an off-subject question. I saw on your bio that you love podcasts–which I do too. I’m wondering if you have a quick short list of some shows you like that might appeal to our audience? [43:01]