Business of Craft Episode 59 Kristy Glass on Fear and Growing Your Business


My guest today, Kristy Glass, started her career in NYC on the stage and screen and then came to knitting after convalescing from some health issues.  From there, she started Kristy Glass Knits and has grown it to meteoric new levels. Today, she boasts 26K Instagram followers and 24K subscribers on her youtube channel. She also has a robust Patreon account where she offers premium video content. Today we’re going to talk about some of the steps Kristy took along the way to arrive at this place so quickly.

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#1 Can you give our listeners a little bit of a taste of your origin story? [2:12]

#2 I saw on your Patreon page you used the word “jobby” which is the best mash-up of job and hobby! Do you feel like you can put your finger on the point at which your hobby became more of a job? [8:15]

#3 If you were to graph out the “peaks” of your career… places where you think your brand and business hit a new, higher level of success, what would those be? [12:07]

#4 One of the things you’re known for is a campaign you created called “Tell me about your Rhinebeck sweater”… how did you come up with that idea and why do you think it’s been such a success? [17:10]

#5 Tell me about the Craftsy/Blueprint opportunity. I’d love for you to connect the dots on how that came about for our listeners? First, maybe tell folks what that is and then how you were offered the position? [24:59]

#6 How do you balance what your brand stands for vs. what people want you to be? [29:02]

#7 I feel like you’re also really intentional about being inclusive in our community. You’ve done a special feature for #MANCH and you’ve got so many people of color on your channel. Has that always been intentional? [35:05]

#8 I see you have a Patreon link on your YouTube channel. Tell our listeners a little bit about how that works and what kind of content can they get there with the premium. [39:17]

#9 Do you do vision boards or goal-setting or any of the other tools/ tips people tout as essential on the road to success? [43:02]

#10 I always ask my guests a quirky question but for you, I want to turn the tables and ask you the same rapid-fire questions you ask YOUR guests? [46:03]