Business of Craft Episode 29 Print Advertising Best Practices


In Episode 29, a solocast with Leanne Pressly, we’ll talk about print advertising. Our topics include ROI, placement, pricing, the size of your ad and how to evaluate an opportunity.

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#1 Is print still relevant? [2:20]

#2 What’s the return on investment (ROI) with print ads? [4:00]

#3 What are some tips to improve the ROI? [5:33]

#4 Consider the placement of your ads. [7:05]

#5 The earlier you purchase your ad spot, the better placement choices are available. [8:25]

#6 What are the special features that would affect your placement? [9:07]

#7 Do you have to pay to play, to get editorial? [10:20]

#8 Does the size of your ad impact the perception of your company? [14:15]

#9 Does the season and timing play a role in your advertising size and placement? [16:55]

#10 Consider pricing, planning, and placement. [18:19]

#11 Remnant pricing may be an option, ask your ad rep! [18:45]

#12 Special Issue Publications (SIPS) considerations. [21:00]

#13 Best practices for evaluation an ad opportunity. [23:23]

Before you buy any ad, ask a few questions.

*How many copies are distributed? More than that, however, you want to know how many are actually sold or sent to subscribers, not how many are printed. You also can ask how many are paid vs. given away for free. When determining which publications to choose, do the math on the cost per eyeball.

*How long does the publication live on the shelves? Sometimes the SIP’s can be out there a long time which gives you more bang for your buck but they have much smaller distribution or might be newsstand only. Take this into consideration.

*Is there a digital component to this particular title? A lot of times a free “e-book” version can extend the value of your buy.

*Who is reading this magazine? Make sure the readership matches the demographics of the intended customer avatar