Episode 19 Solocast Know Trust Like Funnel


On this episode, Leanne Pressly, owner of Stitchcraft Marketing, talks about the know, like, trust funnel and customer avatars. A solid understanding of each of these key points will help you craft a better business.

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The Know, Like, Trust Funnel is a continuum. [0:43]

Where in this funnel do most of the conversions take place? [2:10]

Let’s start with the “know” section of the funnel, the customer experience there, and what you can provide to them. [4:11]

In the “like” funnel the customer is figuring out who you are and what draws them in; there is an opportunity to develop a relationship. [5:41]

The “trust” part of the funnel is where you strengthen the connections with the consumer. [8:27]

Keep in mind, this is a two-way street, there is give and take. [11:50]

The know, like, trust funnel can help guide your marketing strategies. [13:01]

What is a customer avatar? [14:11]

How do you build a customer avatar? [15:29]

Consider exploring silos of marketing for each customer avatar. [17:56]

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