Business of Craft Episode 36 Leanne Pressly on Planning Your Program

Episode 36 Business of Craft


Today Leanne Pressly presents a solocast with content from the new online course, Magic Wand for Social Media. She covers different mistakes you might make with your social media and how to plan your social media program in 30 minutes per day.

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#1 What are the top 5 mistakes we see most often in social media and what can be done about them? [2:00]

#2 Don’t ignore your customers! [3:31]

#3 Pushy sales techniques are not best practices! [5:00]

#4 How do you post regularly with high-quality content? [6:00]

#5 What are the tips to start building trust? [7:30]

#6 Try new things and keep your eyes and ears open for innovations. [8:46]

#7 Keep your customer avatar in mind when planning content. [14:30]

#8 Conceptualize your tasks into buckets. [15:31]

#9 There are different ways in which you can give back to your audience. [16:25]

#10 How can you avoid the feeling of overwhelm? [19:40]