Business of Craft Season 5 Episode 7 Lori Highby

Business of Craft Season 5 Episode 7 Lori Highby


Welcome to Business of Craft, a show designed to help entrepreneurs with fabric or fiber businesses become more successful. Our guests share best practices and teach effective marketing skills, that help crafty business owners learn to grow and scale. Let’s start crafting a better business together!

Today my guest is Lori Highby. Lori Highby is an accomplished entrepreneur and a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry. As the founder and CEO of Keystone Click, a digital marketing agency based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lori has been helping businesses of all sizes to improve their online presence and grow their brands since 2008. Her passion for helping businesses succeed in the digital age is a driving force behind her continued success.

Lori’s knowledge and passion for helping businesses succeed in the digital age is a driving force behind her continued success. Today we’re going deep into the newest technological advancements, artificial intelligence and what it means for your business.

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[2:10] How has AI changed the landscape of marketing? Is it as revolutionary as it seems?

[3:30] We’re going to talk about the most popular tool, Chat GPT. Can you explain what it is and how to access it and use it?

[7:20] How can a small craft business benefit from incorporating AI and ChatGPT into their marketing strategies?

[8:55] What challenges do businesses face when using AI and ChatGPT? What other limitations are you seeing?

[10:30] Can you share some examples of how you’ve successfully leveraged AI within your agency.

[12:14] I often hear that legal is an area where AI can be really effective. Have you had any experience with that realm?

[14:30] Like I just mentioned, I know that many listeners will think they can just replace their social media efforts with a little AI, but there are a lot of cautions to that approach. We’ve found for example that ChatGPT is about as confident as a 9th grader, but really wrong about a lot of things. Confident but wrong isn’t what we’re after at Stitchcraft. What are your thoughts on that. 

[17:16] Let’s get philosophical. What role does human creativity play in a world where AI and ChatGPT are everywhere? 

[22:30] How do you make sure you’re not crossing any ethical boundaries with AI? I’ve often felt bad using Midjourney for example because I know it draws on the creative work of artists but they get no payment or credit. Can you speak to that?

[24:10] Time to pull out your crystal ball. How do you see the future of AI in marketing evolving?

[28:35] Have you seen anything on the e-commerce side with AI?

[28:59] What are some of the tools you’ve been using most successfully in marketing? 

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