Business of Craft Episode 43 Mary Ann Pruitt on Media Buying


Mary Ann Pruitt is the CEO and founder of two companies. One is PS Strategies, a marketing agency, and more recently, Mosaic, a media buying agency located in Anchorage, Alaska. Mary Ann and I are part of the same agency network, Agency Management Institute, and we work together to provide media buying services to Stitchcraft marketing clients. I’ve asked her
to come on the show to give our listeners an introduction to media buying so that our crafty entrepreneurial listeners can utilize this tool in their marketing strategies.

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#1 So let’s begin with a general definition of media. Traditional and non-traditional media. Can you review what would be considered traditional or non-traditional media? [2:52]

#2 I watched a youtube video that explained media buying with a cake analogy: you know you need to make a cake but you’re not sure what the ingredients are to make that best cake, which are all the different components of advertising. How do you start with a client in trying to
understand what kind of cake they’re making? [4:34]

#3 My crafty client wants more sales. Where do you begin with them to help them with a strategy? [6:34]

#4 Let’s review some of the acronyms and vocabulary – let’s start with pre-roll. Can you explain that? [10:00]

#5 Can you review some of the more common acronym used in media buying like CPC, CPM, PPC, etc? [10:46]

#4 When you refer to radio, are you including Spotify and Pandora? [13:48]

#5 How about retargeting? Can you explain that for our listeners who don’t know what that is? [17:45]

#6 You mentioned “geofencing”, could you explain that? [18:57]

#7 What are some advantages to working with an agency to buy media rather than doing it DIY style? [21:36]

#8 Last year I worked with a client on a digital buy and after one campaign, they were getting emails and phone calls threatening to boycott them because their ads were appearing on a very politically controversial website. How does that happen and what kind of safeguards are there to protect brands from appearing on digital platforms they might not support? [26:04]

#9 Could we pause a moment to review programmatic buying and real-time bidding? [29:42]

#10 We were both at a conference lately and you were describing some of the marketing techniques coming in the future that seemed really fascinating to me. One of which was the use of your phone microphone to gather data and then use that data to retarget us using keywords. Can you tell us more about that? [32:23]

#10 There’s a lot of debate about the future of advertising and some that argue we should let marketers gather info on us so that the marketing we DO see is more highly targeted to us and maybe more relevant and valuable? Do you agree with that? [35:40]

#11 I recently finished the book The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah which was amazing. One of the central themes is the hardiness of Alaskan Women, homesteading, and survivalism. Have you had any crazy experiences around
those themes? [39:24]

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