Business of Craft Season 6 Episode 4 Meagan Rodgers on SEO and Search

Business of Craft Season 6 Meagan Rodgers on SEO for Search


Welcome to Business of Craft, a show designed to help entrepreneurs with fabric or fiber businesses become more successful. Our guests share best practices and teach effective marketing skills, that help crafty business owners learn to grow and scale. Let’s start crafting a better business together!

Meagan Rodgers is an Account Manager at the agency with mad skills in the area of writing for SEO. She is a lifelong writer and former educator with a PhD in English. Like all of us at Stitchcraft Marketing, she’s a maker including embroidery, crochet, sewing, and knitting. She also publishes a writes for her  website,, where she writes about crafts in society.

Today, Meagan is going to walk us through SEO. We’ll explore the ins and outs of SEO, including how it can help small craft businesses improve their website’s search rankings, drive targeted traffic, and boost their online presence. We’ll discuss the integration of SEO into various online platforms, such as websites, blogs, and social media, and how it can complement other marketing efforts.

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[3:20] Let’s just start with a basic question of how would optimizing SEO help small businesses improve their website’s search rankings, drive targeted traffic, and boost their online presence?

[6:00]  Can you tell us a little bit more about keyword research in SEO? How can small businesses identify those most relevant keywords?

[9:37]  What would you say to somebody to caution them against a one and done attitude to SEO?

[10:45] Can you shed a little bit of light on how SEO and social media can complement each other and how small businesses can strategically combine these approaches?

[12:57] Could you explain a little bit more “domain authority” for our listeners?

[15:19] Let’s talk a little bit more about what social signals are and why those are important?

[16:39] Can you explain the difference between long tail search results and evergreen content?

[20:29] Can you elaborate a little bit more on why we advocate blogs for bolstering SEO?

[22:52] What are some fast and easy link building strategies that our listeners can utilize?

[25:46] Can you clarify what “technical SEO” is for our listeners?

[27:30] What is schema markup?

[29:00] What are some tools and resources that you recommend for folks to track their SEO performance and allow them to make these data driven decisions?

[31:50] If you had a crystal ball, what do you think the future is of search and AI?

[41:08] What would some best practices be that you think our listeners should be aware of or that they could put into place today in order to be competitive?

Key Takeaways

Don’t overlook the metadata! Putting descriptions for your images gives you another place to get some SEO in there.

Longtail keywords may have a lower search volume, but the likelihood is higher that if someone is using it they’re primed to be your customer. It’s not always quantity, it’s quality.

Think of Google as a reader. It can be really discouraging to put out content, to try and build a presence, and feel like you’re not getting any impact. But Google sees it. It’s working the long game to get relevant customers to your website.

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