Business of Craft Season 5 Episode 5 Creating Community through Podcasting with Meg Goodman

Business of Craft Season 5 Episode 5 Meg Goodman


Welcome to Business of Craft, a show designed to help entrepreneurs with fabric or fiber businesses become more successful. Our guests share best practices and teach effective marketing skills, that help crafty business owners learn to grow and scale. Let’s start crafting a better business together!

My guest today, Meg Goodman is an award-winning podcast host and producer – and the founder and CEO of Flint Rock LLC an audio production company.

Early in her career, she entered the world of advertising agencies managing notable Fortune 100 accounts. After 25+ years in advertising, including a stint running an agency, she returned to her native Chicago roots to create Pure Audio for her clients.

When not writing, hosting, producing, or running Flint Rock she serves as an Elder in her church and volunteers for several philanthropic and civic boards. She’s been skydiving, has a black Belt in Hapkido, and enjoys scuba diving and riding motorcycles with her family. 

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[1:50] Meg, you’re quite the adventurer. I actually had to look up Hapkido to see that it’s a Korean martial art of self defense and I got this vision of you whipping around nunchucks. How did you get interested in that hobby?

[3:33] Your love for all things audio began as a freshman in high school when you joined the school’s radio station. Tell us more about your origin story? 

[5:38] In marketing, we’re hearing so much more about how we need to move away from just clicks and followers to nurturing engagement through community. Can you elaborate on how podcasting can do that? 

[7:50] You and I met at the Bernina University event in June where you were producing podcast content for the show you host, Sew & So. You were interviewing Kaffe Fasset I recall? Tell us about that experience?

[10:40] On your website, you say that if you’re not podcasting, you’re missing a vital element to a marketing strategy. Why is that? 

[15:20] One of the things I love about podcasting is how craft-friendly it is? I want my hands to be busy so I love listening while I’m sewing and knitting. I know if I had a choice between crafting and reading blogs or articles or browsing socials, I’m usually creating.  So, it’s a great tool for crafty brands to reach people like that. Would you agree? 

[17:30] What do you think are the elements of a great podcast show? 

[20:40] What are some podcast shows you listen to that you think are especially well-done? 

[28:50] I’m sure there are listeners who are intrigued about podcasting now and want to know more about how they can be successful with a show. So, let’s hear some of your best advice on getting started? 

[34:45] How about frequency? We started out doing 2 shows a month and I found that to be hard to sustain after a year or so. Then we moved to a seasonal format and we produce 6-8 shows in the Spring and Fall and that works a lot better for us. 

[37:50] And how about equipment? What would be a good basic setup for podcasting? 

[41:20] I’ve been podcasting for just over 3 years now and I’ve learned a lot about do’s and don’ts. I wonder if you could share what’s on your do/ don’t list? 

[46:25] Your company The Flint Rock produces podcasts and audio magazines. What’s the difference? 

[48:58] Can you tell us more about your services and how you help businesses in this space? 

Key Takeaways:

  • Podcasting creates a sense of intimacy – people tell stories in their own voices, and open up and talk about difficult topics, creating an immediate bond.
  • The stats are amazing – there are tons and tons of podcasts, with millions of listeners. You can’t ignore that potential reach!
  • People can enjoy podcast content while crafting – meaning they’re listening to information about their craft while simultaneously working in it. It creates community.
  • Pay attention to your listeners. What is important to them?
  • There is tons of information on the internet about putting together a podcast – there are a million steps, and it is hard work, but it’s also fun!
  • Don’t wing it – always be prepared. Do your research, but also be flexible when something goes wrong. Ask questions if you need help. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself.


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