Business of Craft Episode 16 Pokey Bolton on Event Promotion

Business of Craft Episode 16 Event Promotion with Pokey Bolton


Leanne’s guest today is Pokey Bolton, of Crafting a Life LLC, a media and events company based in Napa Valley California. In this episode they explore creating crafty events for crafty businesses and nurturing the next generation.  Pokey also shares how she dug up some best business practices in her veggie garden.

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#1 Even though we worked together a bit last year, I never actually inquired about your nickname. Your given name is Patricia. I’m sure there is an awesome origin story behind that? [2:03]

#2 First of all, you seem like a “starter”… someone who just gets jazzed up about creating businesses from nothing. Would you say that’s an accurate description?[4:45]

#3 Going back in time a bit, did you have a defining moment that motivated you to start Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors? [5:40]

#4 Can you give us an example of where you may have felt paralyzed by fear in your business and walk us through what you gained from that experience? [7:45]

#5 When you’re working alone, it can be scary to make so many biz decisions on your own. Do you ever have that feeling of isolation and if so, how do you manage that? [10:19]

#6 What are the other “must-do” activities that help you stay on track? [12:30]

#7 Do you feel like you have your finger on the pulse of why Craft Napa has been so successful so quickly? [15:07]

#8 How many workshops and classes do the Craft Napa participants have to choose from? [18:07]

#9  What’s your secret sauce to harnessing focus? [23:28]

#10 Have you always been someone who created community? [26:55]

#11 Do you feel community will be enough to “save” the day when it comes to retail? [29:45]

#12 What else do you do to carry on the craft to the next generation? [33:21]

#13 What was the first seed that was planted in your idea of having the Craft Napa Event? [38:33]

#14 Do you have any disappointments that came during the process of starting Craft Napa? [41:11]

#15 Tell us about that foray and what might be next for you on the publishing front? [43:05]

#16 In one of the exchanges we had,  you shared with me is your new hobby is gardening and you said it’s a great metaphor for business so I’m curious to learn more about what you’re learning in the garden!? [45:42]