Business of Craft Season 4 Episode 2 Rebecca Inkrote

Business of Craft Season 4 Episode 2 with Bex Marie


Welcome to Business of Craft, a show designed to help entrepreneurs with fabric or fiber businesses become more successful. Our guests share best practices and teach effective marketing skills, that help crafty business owners learn to grow and scale. Let’s start crafting a better business together!

Rebecca Inkrote, who goes by the name Bex Marie, owns the company Bex Marie Design. Since 2010 she’s been building websites for creative professionals. Bex is going to chat with us today about new challenges in Website design. This is an encore show with Bex as we had her on BOC back in January 2020 with our wantrepreneurs series where we learned all about the basics of building a website which was so informative! 

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#1 Let’s start with the download you so graciously offered our listeners last time around called “Must Have Website Elements”. Do you have any changes or additions to that summary that have changed in the last 2 years? (2:58)

#2 Something that has come across my radar recently is a heightened awareness of accessibility issues around website design. Can you speak to that a little bit? (9:33)

#3 What are some of the advantages of having your own e-commerce site compared to having a shop on Etsy? (16:07)

#4 What are some of the components of a website that help reassure buyers that you’re a business and website they can trust? (20:33)

#5 Another challenge is compatibility across multiple devices and interfaces. How do we teach people how to fix that? (26:25)

#6 Next, let’s touch on navigation. I’d like to know when you are designing, what are the buttons that go on top and which ones do you put at the bottom? (35:05)

#7 I’ve also seen some challenges with integration with third party apps. One example is shop owners that want to have locator apps showing a map on their page or popups or widgets are another example. How do you handle that challenge? (41:33)

#8 One of your other recommendations from our last show was to have upselling or cross selling tools on your site. Can you elaborate on what those are and why you recommend them? (44:30)

#9 So before we close I want to get our listeners as excited as I am to have you on our team. What are some of the offerings you’ll be able to extend to clients as part of our new partnership? (51:11)

Key Takeaways

What is your goal? What is the primary purpose? On an e-commerce site the goal is to get them to purchase something. So what is the journey they go through on your website from discovery to finishing checking out?

People can buy from any website – why do they buy from yours? What is the value proposition there? How can you remove friction from purchasing?

POUR: Perceivable (is information available in multiple formats, example: alt text to images or buttons, captioning for video), operable (buttons and controls and interactive elements work, can you navigate without a mouse?), understandable (don’t use lots of jargon – easy to understand, and predictable, people expect certain things to be in certain places), robust (more technical, robust to accommodate different technologies or devices)

WebAIM – great website, accessibility checker

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