Robin Waite Take Your Shot


My guest today Robin Waite is one of the most successful professional business coaches in the United Kingdom and author of the book “Take Your Shot: How to Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients and Make More Money”. I wanted to have Robin on the show today to talk about some of the struggles that new entrepreneurs face in starting off on the right foot.

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#1 Your book Take Your Shot is a parable. Why did you choose that format? [2:04]

#2 This series theme is about “Wantrepreneurs” or people who want to get started with a business in the craft industry so I love that one of the first lessons is about setting goals. I don’t think a lot of new entrepreneurs really understand the importance of goal setting and they just hang out a sign and start selling. How do you think that happens? [4:40]

#3 You recommend 1, 3, 5, and 10 year goals. What if listeners have absolutely no idea what their biz will look like in 10 years? How do you coach them past that? [6:15]

#4 How can people tell the difference between a great idea they should pursue and a simple distraction that takes them off the path? [10:59]

#5 Why is it important for new entrepreneurs to figure what the concept of more means to them? [15:16]

#6 Can you teach our listeners out there what value proposition is and why it’s so important to position your offering correctly from the start? [19:00]

#7 Can you help us extrapolate that to working in the craft space? [22:31]

#8 The third lesson is around pricing. You write that if you get the offer right, you can charge whatever you want. Can you elaborate on that? [29:57]

#9 In chapter 7 David and Russ are talking about making money and David says, One overestimates how much one can achieve in a month but underestimates how much one can achieve in a year. The key to estimating correctly has to do with systems and processes. How do you coach new businesses to set those up from the start? [35:34]

#10 What is a customer journey – can you explain that a little bit? [39:00]

#11 Do you think the customer journey is something a new entrepreneur should outline ahead of time or does it emerge organically? [42:14]

#12 I have to say that this was something we struggled with in the early years of Stitchcraft Marketing. We had processes but also account managers internally had their own special way of doing that one thing so there were inconsistencies in the service we were delivering. Only by documenting systems were we able to correct that. Talk to us about setting up systems. [44:30]

#13 I’ve worked with coaches before and I have also heard stories from clients who said it wasn’t very helpful. What do you think is the key to getting that relationship right? [49:00]

 #14 Your coaching program is called “Fearless Business”. Regular listeners know that I’m kind of obsessed with the topic of conquering fear in business so I’m curious, what is the meaning behind your brand name? [52:23]