Business of Craft Episode 22 Sarah Resnick on Textile Sustainability

Business of Craft Episode 22 Sarah Resnick


In today’s episode,  Leanne talks with Sarah Resnick, founder of Gist Yarn and Advah Designs. Her creative companies combine and complement each other. Today we chat about how Sarah literally weaves them together to support rituals, community, sustainability, and culture.

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#1 Tell us about how your businesses are related. [3:09]

#2 Are there many people offering creative and sustainably-made textiles for ritual ceremonies? [5:25]

#3 Was there a gap in the market? Tell us your thought process for starting your business. [7:07]

#4 What are your thoughts on the relationship between something handmade and rituals? [9:02]

#5 What is the process like, of talking with your customers, so they choose the product that is right for them? [11:10]

#6 How long does the production typically take? [12:23]

#7 On your website is a great statement, “I believe that taking the time to make moments in life just a little more beautiful has an uplifting and rippling effect in our lives and on our communities.” This seems central to what we make and sell in our craft community. Can you speak more about that? [13:20]

#8 Do you find there is a crossover between the target audiences of your two businesses? [14:29]

#9 Are there economies of scale for both businesses? [14:29]

#10 How does your past work in community-oriented socially conscientious organizations inform the work you do now? [19:36]

#11 Tell us about your partnership with Good Clothing Company. [22:24]

#12 How do you find partners to work with in your business? [24:45]

#13 Where would you advise a complete newbie to look for resources? [26:09]

#14 What are some hurdles you see in bringing manufacturing back to the U.S.? [28:10]

#15 Would you agree there is a shift in customer attitudes towards paying a premium for quality items? [30:08]

#16 Tell us about your weaving yarn shop. [32:07]

#17 What would you say has been the biggest challenge in balancing everything? [34:44]

#18 Would you advise other crafty business owners to start complementary businesses? [36:55]

#19 What part of being raised in the Jewish culture do you think helped you in your current success? [38:34]