Business of Craft Episode 60 Scott Beebe on Working on Your Business


My guest today, Scott Beebe, is the founder and head coach of, a coaching and consulting business designed to help liberate entrepreneurs from the chaos of working in their business rather than on their business. Scott also hosts the Business on Purpose Podcast and is the author of “Let Your Business Burn”. He currently coaches over 50 business owners.

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#1 I know, Scott, that you’re an expert at helping business owners become more successful by teaching them about processes and systems. So many clients I work with don’t start out there, they’re just passionate about having a yarn shop or a design business so they dive right in. Is that OK or would you say that’s a mistake to dive in before you have those in place? [2:30]

#2 How do you know what the systems should be before you’re actually in the trenches doing the day to day work? [5:40]

#3 Do you have some tips for finding the right person for those jobs you could delegate? [10:45]

#4 You also have a delegation roadmap available on your website What’s in that document that could help our listeners? [17:35]

#5 Are there any non-negotiables you think that a CEO/ owner should NEVER delegate? [20:32]

#6 Talk to us about Vision, Mission, and Values. Why do you think in order to be successful, you have to know what those three things are for your business? [24:53]

#7 I love the title of your book, “Let Your Business Burn”, which argues that putting out fires and dealing with urgent matters all day is NOT the best way to run a business. Crises are of course going to happen in a business so how do you recommend owners deal with them? [35:53]

#8 I saw that you have a program called the Four Steps to Business Freedom which is a 6-month coaching experience that you built exclusively for small business owners. Tell us a little bit about what someone might gain from working with you in that way. [41:25] 

#9 I always ask my guests a question not necessarily related to the subject. I see in your bio that you’ve done some work in Nigeria and I’m probably not alone when I think about “business in Nigeria” I think about wire transfer fraud… I’m pretty confident that’s not what your impression is so I’m curious if you can give us one or two examples of something really fascinating about doing business in Nigeria?  [44:16]

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