Welcome to Episode #2 of Business of Craft

On this episode, we’ll chat with Staci Perry of VeryPinkKnits to utilize YouTube as a producer or to tap into another influencer to gain exposure for your brand. We’ll also listen to Staci explain how a once unsuspecting sourdough starter became akin to raising a child.

Listen to the Show:

Staci’s experience on YouTube & Podcasting:

  • [2:39]  YouTube a great platform for knitting and crafting because it’s so visual and accessible. Anytime day or night, users can find the answers they’re looking for.
  • [5:14] Staci’s new podcast is located at www.verypink.com/podcast. Staci answers viewer questions from her website on the new podcast.
  • [6:52] The reason Staci loves podcasts is that she can do other things at the same time.

How to grow a YouTube Channel:

  • [7:45] Slow and steady is the theme of growing your channel. Consistency is key with the YouTube algorithm. “I’ve never broken the internet with one of my videos.”
  • [8:55] Slow growth is the healthiest growth.

Staci’s Productivity Routine

  • [10:02] Being consistent is the way to go. She focuses only on the work only she can do and her assistant does the rest.
  • [11:03] “I love what I’m doing so the work is not a chore”
  • [12:28] My dogs never let me forget to get outside.
  • [13:00] Sometimes for crafty people it’s hard to differentiate between work life and personal projects.
  • [13:50] “Having knitting as my career has not dampened my love of the craft”

How to determine content for your YouTube show:

  • [14:21] The most successful content Staci has is the beginner level topics.
  • [15:00] Tackling misconceptions: “Everyone in this industry thinks the knitting world shuts down when the weather turns warm in the Northern Hemisphere”
  • [16:15] Top mistakes Staci sees on Youtube from new producers: quality of the equipment, appropriate lighting, steady camera, quality of the audio.
  • [17:14] Hire someone who’s an expert video producer as a consultant to get started.

How to manage the time-consuming nature of producing video:

  • [18:50] How can you take advantage of YouTube without producing video? Staci recommends that you hire influencers. There are some great designers who don’t have the exposure.
  • [19:59] You can’t NOT be out there on social media.
  • [20:38] What’s the next frontier for 2018? Facebook Live or Facebook Messenger will be on the cutting edge.
  • [21:13] Even if you can’t produce, you can piggy-back on someone who already has a large following.
  • [22:22] In late 2008, Staci thought she was late to the game and now that’s a joke to think about.

What are next steps for Staci’s business?

  • [23:45] Continue to study the algorithm to get to the top of the search engines.
  • [24:37] She doesn’t try to be an early adopter but tries to keep on keeping on.

How the YouTube algorithm works:

  • [25:00] Consistency is the key- you get the most results publishing at least once per week.
  • [25:46] All of your videos should be in high definition. Using closed captioning helps bump your YouTube SEO. A strong thumbnail on your video is also important.
  • [26:19] Youtube is giving preference to users using the new cards feature. This is a way to link things within the video.
  • [27:15] Does the length of a video matter?
  • [28:12] Short length format is really still valuable to produce.
  • [29:56] Staci’s suggestion: Shoot a short Facebook live video which promotes the video on YouTube.
  • [31:00] The most effective thing I’ve done is to outsource work I don’t do.
  • [33:30] How to achieve the right tone and voice for your brand when outsourcing: I manage the channels I feel are most important.

What is something that Staci does the old fashioned way?

  • [35:30] Staci recently took a handwriting course to improve her cursive.
  • [36:18] I have a fourth pet… my sourdough starter. I use wild yeast sourdough starter. Everything is all skin on the dough.

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